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Looking for installment loans online with fast answer? Want an online process that is secure, fast and gives you quick and easy access to the loan as soon as possible? Our lenders can make a nearly immediate decision and many can give you a response within three minutes of completing your application. Once your application is complete, you can be assured that we are treating your data with respect and care. With our safe, secure process, you can feel great about the fact that we will do our best to put you in contact with lenders who are offering installment loans instant approval of up to $1,000.00


Our process is quick and easy. Filling out the application takes anywhere from three to five minutes and most lenders do not require that any documents be faxed, which will save you from having to run around and look for someone with a fax machine. Who has those anymore? No need to worry over that sort of thing. All you need to do is fill in our simple form and you’ll get your quick decision, typically within just a few minutes, but even if you do have to wait a little longer, you will not have to wait forever just to find out that you qualify. Our lenders work quickly to get you the installment loan you need, even if you suffer from bad credit.

If you’ve got bad credit, this isn’t your last option in terms of being able to acquire an installment loan. With ViviaFi, your odds of getting an installment loan online are greatly improved because we have access to a network of direct lenders that are glad to work with indvidiuals who have less than stellar credit. Do not fret about having a low credit score, or even having no credit at all. With our lenders, you can rest easy and know that they are not focusing too closely on the past.

We do not want you to be fooled by companies offering “ installment loans no credit check.” Remember all loans do require credit verification of some type. These may be traditional or non-traditional, but every lender does at least some minimal type of credit check. Do not be discouraged by this though. Our lenders take into account your income and your expenses because they are looking at your ability to repay the loan right now. Other debts do not necessarily make it impossible for you to get an installment loan online.

You should not consider getting an installment loan unless you can reasonably pay back the amount that you intend to borrow within the term of your loan agreement. Be sure that you’re getting this installment loan for the right reasons. If you’re in a tight financial situation and need a little help making ends meet, it’s probably a good idea to consider an installment loan. Installment loans are not intended to be a long term solution to your financial problems. Be sure that you are borrowing responsibly and that when you borrow, you do it for the right reasons.

With ViviaFi, there is no judgment. Hard times can fall on anyone. It is our philosophy that everybody has the right to apply for installment loans, regardless of their credit history. This is one of our company’s founding principles. It doesn’t matter if you’re staring at a huge bill for a car repair or medical expenses. We don’t care how you got here. All that matters is that you’re here and we’re happy to help you get connected with our direct lenders so that you can get the installment loan you need.

Our secure process is available to all and because our process is entirely online, it’s not necessary to wonder about some clerk at a store looking at your application. Your financial data will be seen only by the people that need to see it. Your form will not be shoved into a file cabinet and forgotten about. Instead, it gets sent directly to your potential lender for their review, ensuring that you get your decision quickly and that your data remains secure.

Because our application process is entirely online, you also do not have to worry worry about driving around to find a storefront to apply for an installment loan. There’s no necessity to go out into inclement weather or walk away from your plans with your family or friends. You may apply right now, using whatever device you’re viewing this page on. Our application process works on any computer or mobile device, so apply today to see whether you qualify for an installment loan!

We want you to know that you are not the only one. People look for online installment loans to help them out in times of need all over the world. You are not the only person to be in this situation and you will not be the last. Anyone can run into a situation and need an installment loan of up to $1,000.00 at any time in their lives. Companies like ours exist, because the need for installment loans is high. Take comfort from the fact that everyone needs a hand up every now and then.

High risk borrowers, those with bad credit, no credit or an unhealthy credit score, are often dismissed by traditional banks. We do not do that at ViviaFi. Our lenders consider everyone’s applications equally, so don’t despair if you get turned down by the banks. Our lenders may still be willing work with you. We feel that the ability to borrow money in small amounts to help maintain financial stability belongs to everyone. There’s no shame in taking advantage of that opportunity when it is offered to you. This is the reason that we work with lenders that think differently than large financial institutions that might dismiss your request for a loan out of hand.

Apply today and find out if you qualify for an installment loan online! We’re here to help you in anyway that we can!

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-ViviaFi is not a lender in all states. ViviaFi uses various credit reports, data sources, and application information as part of their underwriting. Not all applications are approved. Approval and loan terms vary based on applicant qualifications and by state. Decision may take longer if additional verification or documents are required.

†Applications approved before 1:30 p.m. CT Monday-Friday are generally funded same business day, subject to your bank's processing times. Applications approved other times are generally funded the next business day. Some applications may require additional verification. In such cases, if approved, funds will be disbursed by the following business day after the additional verifications are complete.